Bug Hunting

The world of TOOTHYSKULL sometimes needs a little extra exposition. So this section will act as a reference guide to the various oddities that pop up around the wall.

For example, this is a BUBBLE SLUG. They grow to be quite big, but start life extremely small.

Signs that a bubble slug might be in the area are - acid bubbles floating about - round burn marks on the wall caused by these bubbles - a low gurgling sound - and the smell of burning wires.

A "BUBBLER" will often puff up before launching a stream acid filled bile from it's backside. They are most vulnerable at this particular moment. Almost any small projectile will cause them to explode expelling acid and poo throughout out the surrounding area.

DANGER LEVEL : 55 ...not a vey quick or agressive creature... though the possibility always exists that several might accidentally dissolve their way thru ones celing.

What sprays the wall stains the wall

This is a good example of one of the more colorful (and messy) rituals found in and around the wall. Male SPLATTER BUGS will circle one another while spraying colorful liquids into the air. This is often a battle to the DEATH. As one can see in the picture above, the orange splatter bug did not survive the battle.

These things can fly over 30 mph and usually cruse right at head level. The bigger bugs can grow up to 2 feet in length and leave a colorful trail for miles.

An infestation of Splatter Bugs is a major inconvenience. They are easy to trace but incredibly difficult to clean up after.

Once captured and squashed their remains can be used as a resistant stlye of paint.

Danger level : 44 ... Splatter Bugs have been known to cause blindness.
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