The King Slug is one of the hungrier creatures that threatens the wall.

They live underground in a state of rest until the occasional rain causes them to become active.

They are thought to be decendened from a mix of frog and slug with a twist of turtle.

DANGER LEVEL : 66 ... slow and stupid ... a King Slug is often easy to dispatch. Especially when one has a V99 Ladykiller...


The V99 LADYKILLER a.k.a... The SLUG GUN. This is one of Basti and Zais' bigger portable guns. They make the ammo themselves by scavenging chemicals and materials from their environment. It is designed for two people to hold, thus the extra set of shoulder pads on the back. Unfortunately, Basti is still a little too short to help. So, he gives logistic support while Zai handles it by herself. The V99, it works every time!


Steep Billys' Retro Electro Power Shop - Billy trades in old electronics and vintage video games. He also supplies power in various volts and wattage. His shop gets its name not only for his steep prices, but also for the extremely sharp angle of his stairwell.

The Boards - This neighborhood has been constructed using old advertising billboards. It is a particularly seedy neighborhood. Though, a good place to pick up homemade weapons, questionable ammunition and pre-packaged snack cakes.

Milos' Hole - Nobody seems to remember who Milo was or why this hole is named after him. Basti is convinced that Milo is the one who made the hole. Whatever the story, I am fairly sure Milo didn't survive it.

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