Risk Kamakura and His Savavge Ninja Mice

Small creatures dealing with their dilemmas rarely ever come to the attention of nearby humans. For instance THE BLOOD MITE UPRISINGS, CYBERBAT INFESTATION, THE CHEESE RIOT and THE LAST REVENGE OF THE LAST RAT are just a few of the dramas that unfold on a daily basis in and around The Wall.

For the smaller lifeforms that inhabit Zai and Basti's section of the wall life is hard and brutal. Centurys of survival and selection have led to a culture of feudalism and warlords. Risk Kamakura is the present reigning ROACH WARLORD of Sections V-94 thru W-02. His gang is led by three NINJA PIGMY MICE. Their infulence and power span beyond the local denizens, they are one cell of a larger network that exists within the walls of the wall.

DANGER LEVEL : 99 ... If Risk and his Crew want you DEAD, then you are dead ...
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